Welcome to Northwestern Medicine Physician Partners

Northwestern Medicine Physician Partners (NMPP) population health program promotes wellness and prevention, manages chronic conditions and provides an extra level of care coordination for the most critically ill patients. NMPP draws from a depth of shared expertise to ensure that Northwestern Medicine is recognized as a pre-eminent healthcare destination of choice for patients, employers and payers. As a result, our patients benefit from improved clinical outcomes and experience of care at a sustainable cost.  

Why Join Northwestern Medicine Physician Partners

The direction and success of NMPP is driven by its committed physician members, 55 of whom have made the NMPP population health program the success that it is. As NMPP has grown, our policy setting and other decision-making authority have been delegated to special physician committees representing multiple specialties and communities.

These groups have collaborated to establish all critical components of the NMPP clinical integration program by determining, measuring and rewarding clinical outcomes, operational efficiencies and the patient experience. NMPP physician membership benefits are wide-ranging, including increased access to clinical programs and services to local leadership opportunities and technology, and employee and financial resources. Our unique and differentiated services reflect our high standards of excellence.

We Are Better Together

Many provider organizations have embarked upon the journey to transform themselves from reactively managing episodes of care for the sick to proactively managing the health status of populations. The NMPP program does just that with its physician-led program that aligns providers in private practice with hospital-employed physicians and health system leadership to promote quality improvement and implement best practices across the entire continuum of patient care.

NMPP’s unique model, supported by a robust information technology platform and organizational infrastructure, utilizes evidence-based practices, data-driven performance measurement, negotiated insurance contracts and physician incentives to meet its goals. Working collaboratively with our physician members, health systems and payers, NMPP providers achieve excellent quality across the patient care continuum while reducing the cost of care.